is the russian dwarf hamster and campbell hamsters are the same?


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    Thanks Cloud Nine I consider myself to know a lot about Hamster and even I have had a lot of trouble knowing for sure what species and breeds are which.

    Syrians are easy!

    But In the Dwarf family it goes like this.

    Russian,Chinese,Robo as being the main three I think people know are being different. But you also see these names from most to least common.

    Winter White




    Probably others as well…

    And I know that some of these are the exact same type of hamsters or very close hybrids etc. But your answer Cloud Nine cleared some things up however it’s still a difficult thing to remember correctly. I personally have only had the campbell dwarfs I guess. And yes they can be aggressive etc. But it all depends on there personality. If your really luck, know what your doing and have a good cage setup most of the problems with caging them together or handling them can be prevented or reduced. Sometimes they are very friendly and it’s kind of scary!

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    + Russian Dwarf Hamsters

  • That’s a tricky question to answer. There is the Russian Winter White dwarf hamster and then there is the Russian Campbell dwarf hamster. Both are in the Russian and dwarf groups, however they are still different species. Most pet stores, despite claiming to sell purebreds, usually sell hybrids of the two species. It can be difficult to tell them apart unless you learn to recognize the subtle differences in their appearance.

    Usually if you go on a pet store website and it says Russian dwarf hamster, it is a Campbell.

    Winter Whites and Campbell’s have very different personalities, in general. Winter Whites tend to be docile, easy to tame, and more responsive to handling. Campbell’s can make good pets as well, however they are highly territorial and thus often display cage aggression, making it a good idea to wear gloves when taming them.

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  • Well, it sorta depends the way I usually find out it by counting the letters in the word!? Aha

    Example : Campbell- Russian- 🙂

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  • No, as the russian dwarfe hamster speaks russian and is very small.

    The campell hamster likes camping ane bells, does not speak russian and is an average height hampster.

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