Is this a good book title?

I’m in the process of writing a novel (it’s almost done) which is a YA fantasy, and is currently under the working title of “Fantasy at Heart.” My editor thinks this is a juvenile title (the story itself has many fantastical elements but isn’t a “light” fantasy) and will make it apparent that I’m still in my teens, but I love the title – it fits the story perfectly in my opinion.

I’d love the opinions from the general public: if you saw the title “Fantasy at Heart” on a bookshelf in a store, what would you think? Thanks.

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  • I probably wouldn’t pick up the book off the shelf. For me, a title that really captures my interest is very succinct, like one or two words, that have a deep meaning. Like when I write for online websites, my titles are usually just one word, sometimes two.

  • It doesn’t catch my eye or mind. But then many great books don’t have the best titles or even covers. But you must get the initial interest and this just doesn’t do it for me.

    You want something not so generic maybe with a word or name that will spark attention especially for fantasy. Short, interesting and simple titles catch my attention.

    But it’s also not a bad title just sorta generic to me.

    Good Luck

  • A man once told me that it is very easy to find a good title when you are finished writing your whole book. It’s kind of like signing a painting it means you are officially finished. Also if you are completely finished writing you will know what title will work best.

    I think that your title “Fantasy at Heart” is good and I like fantasy so I would probably pick it up.

    Source(s): Various authors I’ve met over the years.

  • I’t makes me think of a bad romance novel.

    Go for something that leaves a question mark in the audiences mind. Cut either the fantasy or the heart from the title,but I would go with something with fantasy, or a synonym, cuz “heart” is just too romance novel’y feeling.

  • I probably wouldn’t pick it up. There’s nothing wrong with the title itself, it just strikes me as a little bland and uninteresting.

  • Name it whatever you want. When the publishing house editor gets his greasy palms on it, you wont have a say in the name.

  • I have to agree with your publisher, it’s not that good of a titile your title has to be good if not better then your book, like mine is called “The Light of Enci” and people i tell about the book instantly become interested what is Enci?? You see what i mean??

  • It doesn’t caputure my interest.

    What do you mean it isn’t a “light” fantasy? Do you mean it’s dark and bewitching?

    Why not “Dark Fantasy”?

  • It’s not bad, but I wouldn’t necessarily pick it up myself because it doesn’t catch my attention.

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