What is your favorite chapter of the twilight books?

mine is the chapter of breaking dawn

i just love it =)


mine is chapter of breaking dawn: shiny

i just love it

i can read it over and over again

“it was like i had been born to be a vampire” !!!

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  • Obsession much?

    Having a favourite book of the series is one thing, but having a favourite CHAPTER?

    What the hell is wrong with you people?

    Read something decent, like House of night series, Immortal series, Blue Bloods series, and Sookie Stackhouse series.


  • Ok i read all the books a billion times. I love all of the chapters in all the books equally except the chapter called legends in Eclipse its so boring. In Twilight my favorite chapter is called blood type. In New Moon Its party. In Eclipse its Fire and Ice and in BD its big day when she gets married. ( The chapters i chose were if i had to chose a chapter.)

  • Breaking Dawn-Chapter Isle Esme

  • Probably chapter of Twilight: Confessions.

  • ohhh wow. its hard to choose! i think my fave chapter in Twilight is : Mind over matter, that is so cute, i just love the quote “if i could dream at all it would be about you and i’m not ashamed of it”

    and my favorite in new moon… hmmm… maybe : pressure. i like the part when she jumps off the cliff. and i dont mean that in a mean way but i like it because she shows how far she will go just to remember him, how much he really meant to her.

    eclipse.. . Fire and Ice, the tent 🙂 gotta love it. or maybe . Compromise when he proposes 🙂

    and breaking dawn: . unexpected when she realizes shes pregnant and decides she want to keep the baby and she will do anything for it.

    or the last chapter because it’s so happy 🙂

  • Chapter of eclipse when edward proposes

    and chapter where edward and jacob talk in the rent

  • My fav chapter is Chapter in Eclipse, it’s kind of a hot scene when Edward returns and Bella is like sleeping. I read that chapter over and over

  • hmm, i love them all i love the chapter in twilight when they Visit the meadow and in new moon when bella saves edward um in eclipse when edward and bella spend the night together.

    and in breaking dawn i love the wedding, when jacob splits from the pack and the birthing chapter, ik the last ones a little weird but its just really emotional, so i love it.

  • Being the romantic person I am – I loved BD Chapter – The Big Day. Everything came together at that moment. I especially loved when, walking down the aisle, she sees Edward for the first time.

  • In regards to StoriesWith-bla-bla’s answer; she needs to settle the hell down.

    I, too, have favourite chapters in books. I’ve read the Twilight series and although I don’t have a favourite chapter (as I can barely remember what even happened throughout the book. Yes, I do forget. I guess it wasn’t very memorable), it doesn’t mean that those who do are obsessed.

    It just means that they have a favourite bloody chapter.

    I don’t see what’s so obsessed about that? Jesus…

    And if she thinks that the “House of Night” series is a much better written, crafted, structured and UNrepetitive (?!) book than Twilight, then she is one sad little girl.

    Although I really do enjoy the “House of Night” series, and it is by far more interesting; Twilight was a romance novel and “House of Night” is about a confused teenage girl who becomes a hoe and has many boyfriends. Otherwise known as an edited (to PG) smut novel.

  • Twilight< Chapter < THE CULLENS.

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