okay so i have to wrte a story for english about hitlors life (im gonna focus on childhood , so mainly begininng)

Okay so the story is short, just a few pages and it can be COMPLETELY MADE UP, all facts can be fake

But it has to lead to WHY he did the stuff he dis to the jews ,

But i have to write the story from this doctors PERSEPCTIVE so hitlors born and this doctor is there , and then one day hitlor is stuck in the well by his jewish friends for fun, and then the doctor comes and gets him out

And I NEED A TWIST !!!! PLEASE ANYONE, start from scratch or anything, give me a twist for hitlors childhood ! It can be made up but just relate to his future (how he killed the jews and why , maybe cs the jews teased him when small) or anything PLEASEEE

A random twist

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  • Has your teacher actually taught the class the REAL reason Hitler killed the jews? I think it’s important to know. He slaughtered them because he was extremely prejudice against them and was trying to eradicate there whole race from the face of the earth. So, if you change the reason why, for fun, or whatever, then you may as well write stories about how African Americans ended up being the white mans slaves because they started out being bullies to them! That would mean, in essence that your saying they DESERVED to be white mans slaves, or that white people had a good reason for making them slaves. So, the way you want to portray Hitler is supposed to make the reader sympathize with him, to give him a good reason, for savagely murdering millions of innocent people. they were ripped away from there families, never to see them again, being put into forced labor camps, where they were starved and worked to death, and if they didn’t die that way, they were shoved into gas chambers as full as the room would hold, and gassed to death! He was at the top of the cruelest dictators, and human beings to ever live. I’m shocked and disappointed at your teachers attitude about it. Shame on him for not teaching his students better, this massacre in our history should not be taken lightly.

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  • Stalin is Hitler’s father.

    Hitler’s mother was a jew, which technically makes Hitler a jew too.

    Hitler is not hitler, but Darth Vader.

    But seriously, this seems like a ridiculous assignment. I feel sorry for you.

  • What an abhorrent assignment you have. I suggest you refuse to do it on the grounds that it is too asinine.

    Or think of the twist yourself, it is your homework after all.

    (btw people might want to help you more if you spelled correctly)

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