HELP BALLET questions!!!!!?

Well I am years old and I miss ballet, I haven’t done it in years due to a car accident. Im not flexible at all anymore but I miss ballet and wannt to do it SO BADLY! it will be embarrassing because all the girls i was way ahead of will now be ahead of me. What should I do to prepare for it to be really good at it again? is it too late to go back? ;”(

Thank you so much.

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  • You should go for it!

    If you are worried about being put in a class with girls who know what they are doing and you do not, don’t worry. Most likely the studio you go to will not just throw you in the deep end like that. The studio will but you in a teens beginner class to get you started, then from there you will advance as time goes on.

    My advice to get your flexibility back would be to STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH. I wasn’t flexible at all when I first started ballet and now I’m like a rubber band. I got that way by stretching for an hour to an hour and a half every single day. When you’re at home and there’s nothing else to do, stretch. Stretching really is the only way to get flexible if you are not naturally born with it.

    To prepare for going back to the studio, you should do your research. Just google ballet and read some information on it. Also, here are some tips that I’ve learned over the years:

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    Stay positive while going back.

    Don’t be too nervous…it will only mess you up in the end.

    Buy full sole leather ballet slippers. The full sole will give you more arch support and the leather will conform to your feet easily which will add to comfort.

    Go into the studio ready to learn. Listen to the instructor carefully.

    Stretch to get flexibility.

    If you have an Ipod touch, Android, or Iphone, there are apps in the App Store that are ballet dictionaries. Some of these even show a short video or photograph. This could help educate you so when you get to class and the instructor says, “First position and plie.” You will not be completely clueless.

    It is never too late to start dance! It is for all ages and is great exercise and fun! 😀

    Hope this helped hun. Good luck with it!

    Source(s): I am a pre professional ballet student. I train – hours a week plus rehearsals.

  • No, of course not!!!!

    Even if you’re not flexible, ballet will help you regain that flexibility. And besides, if you were way ahead of those girls I’m sure you could probably keep up with them, since you’ve had prior classes. Whatever you do, though, do NOT try to teach yourself up to their level at home. You could hurt yourself or teach yourself bad habits that are a pain to break. I’ve even learned bad habits during class, and now I have to do a workshop 🙁 It’s not worth the hassle or injury to teach yourself at home, so I think you should try one of the middle classes lvl , lvl /, or lvl instead of one of the harder classes. And since it sounds like you had to quit ballet due to injury, make sure you are completely comfortable with what the teacher tells you to do and don’t do anything that hurts too much (you don’t want to have to quit all over again)

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    Trust me, it’s not too late. I started at in a level class when I was and now I’m almost to Pointe, maybe within the next year or two. Don’t give up, and don’t let those girls put you down! You’re just beautiful as they are when they dance, so don’t be afraid to try again! Hope you start again! 🙂

  • you cant start whenever you want, i have a girl in my class who just started and shes and shes fine but we have a really good teacher who corrrects us every second haha, make sure you start at a good dance school

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