Do I have a good enough ballet body?

I have a small head, long neck, long arms, short torso, long-ish legs (they aren’t super long but they aren’t short either), good turnout, wide feet, low arches (I have a good point range though and I’m over my pointe shoes so I don’t know if that hides my low arches), I’m flexible, have good extensions, skinny and I’m supposed to be ‘”. I want to audition for SAB summer intensive next year but I still don’t know if my body is enough. I don’t want to even bother if they won’t even look at me because i don’t have the ideal “ballerina body”.

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  • It sounds like you do indeed have a good body. Until the auditions the only thing I would suggest is working on your arches. I think it sounds as though you’re trying to convince yourself not to try out when in fact you should! Everyone always regrets not trying for something they wanted to. You’ve got nothing to lose and it will give you an understanding of what to expect when you try out for other things in the future. Just keep in mind that the company probably has a set idea of the type of ‘image’ they want so if you don’t get in, it’s certainly nothing to do with you. Go for it!

  • My typical statement regarding auditions is you have nothing to lose, except maybe – dollars in registration money. Your body doesn’t sound bad at all, but you should audition regardless of whether or not you think a place would take you. Sometimes, you’d be surprised.

  • Honestly, if you have enough talent, your body shape won’t matter. You should audition no matter what! Seriously, you shouldn’t skip out on something just because there’s a ~*possibility*~ that you don’t have the typical shape. Audition! What do you have to lose?

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