Did you hear? Their aren’t going to be any more Hunger Games books? Why won’t they make books for me to read?

Harry Potter? Over.

Twilight? Finished. Now Hunger Games is all ended?

Why don’t they make any more books for me??? I like to read these books! Why no more books?

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  • Every story has to have an ending for it to be a good story. There really is no point for a story to go on and on and just have conflict after conflict because eventually everything will not be effective anymore. I share your sentiment that I will miss these books but then again, that is the beauty of written work. They stand the test of time and after a while we can just go and visit them again. Also, there are so many other places that we can visit in the meantime when Hogwarts and the the Districts are too familiar for us to visit so soon. The Shadowhunters of Alicante in Idris are waiting for us within the Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare, or we can join the Game of Thrones within the pages of The Songs of Ice & Fire by George R.R. Martin. Everyday there are different authors that discover fantasical worlds and stories. Who knows, maybe its your discoveries that will be shared with the world next.


  • It all depends on the author. J.K. Rowling already planned HP and left it as it is. If she tried to expand it even more, it would get mixed receptions. like the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Canon dissonance might happen should she ask someone else to help her expand it. However, Rowling moved on to the adult books section of writing, and her newest novel does look interesting…

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    Twilight is… Well.. Twilight. Meyer must have lost the will to write Edward’s point of view after her draft of the book was leaked. Could be more to it though.

    As for Hunger Games, much like Rowling, Collins probably planned it as that way and ended it as it is.

    Each of these authors have their reasons for not creating more sequels/prequels of their known series.

    If you are looking for more books to read, try Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc. There are plenty of books that are good, popular and unpopular. Just because a book gets a movie doesn’t more there aren’t any more books out there to try out.

  • It has to end somewhere, doesn’t it? But I know how you feel. I felt devastated, depressed, and empty once I finished the last sentence of Mockingjay. “But there are much worse games to play.” I was like NOOOO my life is over! And it felt like that for a while, but I started reading Hunger Games Fanfiction. It’s really good! Just type it on google and theres like over stories,especially about Katniss and Peeta!

  • Yes, I knew that mockingjay was the last book. Well these series’ have to end eventually, and there will eventually be more. That doesn’t mean you can read other books, whether they are singles or in a series.

    You can also re-read the other books. 🙂

  • Very funny. I would like to recommend any of Elmore Leonard’s books. Most of them are / stars on Amazon. Anybody that likes “Justified” on TV will like Leonard’s books.

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  • We will just have to wait for some author, somewhere to come up with a good idea for a book for the masses.

  • There’s more than three series in existence. Authors are not obligated to drag out their works for longer than needed just to satisfy people who don’t want to bother looking for other books to read.

  • I’ll send you the draft of my own fantasy novel “Burden of Time”. At , pages it promises to keep you occupied for a long time. And that’s just the first book of a planned -volume series.

  • Yeah, you know sucks when a trilogy hits the third book.

  • I think this asker is satirising teenage readers today and their knowledge of only three book series, lol.

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