th grade dance…..?

my friend asked me a question && i didn’t really have the answer to it so ima ask you guys;D

he asked if he should wear a tux or a button up shirt with a tie, but wearing a tux wouldn’t that e too much but idk i wanted to ask you guys;)

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  • Try to ask someone who is now in th grade and already went to it because some of them are more formal than others

  • What type of dance is it? When I was in th grade, we had normal dances, which you could wear whatever you wanted, and one formal dance at the end of the year. Ask around, see what everyone else is doing. At a formal dance, you should definitely wear a suit or rent a tux. Even better yet, ask a teacher who you trust for advice. They will tell you exactly what would be acceptable to wear.

  • Most of the time, In th grade, there are normal dances and then a semi, I would opt for no tux, unless it is specifically a formal.

  • are you asking wherein to head? if this is the case im now not certain wherein you’re at however there’s a individual retailer known as rhapsodielle And it has WONDERFUL clothes at an excessively fair cost. additionally they get new stuff each unmarried day so in the event you dont uncover whatever you would constantly move once more. in the event you get a get dressed that has black element in it then identity do black sneakers given that they’re realistic and you’ll mostly put on them greater than as soon as Which is constantly a well factor while now not in need of to spend to a lot cash. desire this helped!

  • No it’s fine if that’s what they want to wear and it’s that kind of Dance.

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