Books similar to The Fault in Our Stars?

I read TFiOS and I really loved it. I really liked how dynamic both Hazel and Augustus were and I loved the romance between them. I’ve never read any other John Green books, but I’m thinking about it. What are some good books that are similar to them? They don’t necessarily have to do with cancer, though I liked the book because it had to do with cancer as well.

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  • Me and Earl and the dying girl

    Andrews, Jesse

    Reason: Addressing a scary subject like terminal illnesses is never easy or fun, but through complex and relatable characters these novels do it with a sense of humor, honesty and even irreverence. — Sarah Stanley

    . Before I die

    Downham, Jenny

    Reason: While determined Tessa (Before I Die) wants to experience life and sarcastic Hazel (Stars) hides from it, the brutality of terminal cancer and the tingle of a new romance drives both of these thoughtful, character centered novels. — Alina Gerall

    . A love story starring my dead best friend

    Horner, Emily

    Reason: While their stories are different, there’s a lot of sadness in both of these novels — but a lot of the thrill in life, too. Readers who crave realistic dialogue and characters dealing with life’s messiness will be mesmerized. — Ellen Foreman

    . Forever changes

    Halpin, Brendan, –

    Reason: For emotional yet never sappy stories about true-to-life (if a bit eccentric) characters dealing with harsh realities, check out either of these alternately funny and serious novels. — Ellen Foreman

    . The truth about forever

    Dessen, Sarah

    Reason: If you enjoy ‘The fault in our stars,’ you may also enjoy ‘The truth about forever.’ Both are character-driven, moving, and dialogue-rich Realistic fiction about teenage girls; teenage boy/girl relations; and teenage romance.

    . Lock and key

    Dessen, Sarah

    Reason: Readers who enjoy character-driven and dialogue-rich Realistic fiction about teenage girls; teenage boy/girl relations; and teenage romance might also enjoy this book.

    . Looking for Alibrandi

    Marchetta, Melina, –

    Reason: These two books are character-driven and moving Realistic fiction in which Infatuation in teenage girls; teenage girls; and teenage boy/girl relations are the main topics.


  • Fly A Little Higher by Laura Sobiech. It’s about a boy named Zach Sobiech that was diagnosed with cancer . His mom wrote it about his life. It’s really amazing. And it’s a true store.

  • John Green is such a great author! You should read “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” John is the co-author.

  • looking for Alaska by John green or Paper Towns by him too

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