Male changing last name to mothers maiden?

ok i am a MALE wanting to change my last name from my fathers last name to my mothers last name they are divorced and i do not care for him i am yrs old and this is my decision. what do i do?

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  • First, don’t feel alone. People ask how to do this, for the same reason you have, – times a week here. Their choices are usually mother’s maiden name or stepfather’s name.

    Unless you put it in your question, we can’t tell what country you are in. It is the most frustrating thing Yahoo does. If you enter via one of the International Yahoos – UK, Australia, Canada, India – we can tell, but all of the questions in English go into one big “pot” and sometimes people outside the USA use the USA Yahoo.

    In Stanislaus County, California, you call the clerk at the county courthouse. You fill out a form and pay $. You also have to take out a Legal Notice to run once a week in a local newspaper for four weeks. That cost is in addition to the $. That’s so if you owe someone $ as John Smith, he will know to look for you as Ralph Kablonski. If no one objects, you get your decree.

    Once you get your decree, take a notarized copy of it to yourbank, the DMV, etc etc. You will have to apply for a new driver’s license, passport, checking account, credit card; there may be fees there in the $ – $ range.

    The procedure is the same in all counties in California, although the cost may vary. I suspect the procedure is about the same in most states in the USA, although the cost, number of legal notices and the length of time may vary. Call the county courthouse and ask. If you are under , it will be more complex.

    If you are in the UK, say so and one of the UK people will explain deed polls to you.

  • The procedure for this depends on the country.

  • keep your last name

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