How do these characters sound?

I have writer’s block and feel like writing a story, but it keeps coming out weird. So I’ve resorted to just making up random characters and hoping they will fit. I’m so desperate, I literally used my parents’ cars for inspiration. So here are the character descriptions… Do they sound like believable people? Can you tell any of the “car” influences in their looks/injuries/clothes/personalities? (Maddie is my Honda Civic, lol. And Will is a van. )



-Physical description: Short (’’’). years old. One-quarter Asian (looks mostly American, but has slightly slanted eyes and very straight dark-brown hair). Hazel eyes that look almost yellowish. She’s skinny, but not muscular or anorexic. Has a scar going vertically down her lower lip on the left side. She got it by literally running into a wall when she wasn’t paying attention. (she’s not very coordinated).

-Typical Clothing Outfit: She wears a plain, sky-blue blouse under a blue denim jacket. Jeans that are the same shade as the jacket. She has a black baseball cap that says “Raiders” on it, but she knows nothing about the Raiders team and doesn’t really follow sports in general. She wears earrings with tiny mirrors on them. Her shoes are silver-and-black tennis shoes, slightly scuffed but in pretty good condition.

-Personality: Maddie is often too quick to judge people, though she tries not to be harsh. When her judgment of someone is good and she really likes the person, she tends to get emotionally attached to them really quickly. This makes her a good person to date, but a bad person to break up with. She has a bit of an inferiority complex because she thinks her looks and personality are too “common” and she’s too physically weak. She hates to admit these feelings, so she outwardly seems like she’s satisfied with herself.



-Physical description: Average height (’’’). years old. Kind of an “All-American” young man with sandy-colored hair that’s just long enough to stick up a bit when messy. He has blue-grey eyes and kind of average facial features except for a bit of a weak chin. He has a large frame, but isn’t especially muscular. Not fat either though, just naturally broad-shouldered. He got in a car wreck a few years ago and suffered an embarrassing injury to his butt that still makes it painful to sit down.

-Typical Clothing Outfit: A grey T-shirt under a hoodie or jacket. Jeans or, for a slightly more formal occasion, grey or tan slacks. Black men’s shoes, slightly more worn than Maddie’s are. Will used to have a favorite orange-and-white hat that advertised a car dealership, but it got torn up in the same wreck that he was injured in.

-Personality: Will is pretty easy-going and accepting of what other people do. For example, he would let people hold a party in his house even if they trashed the place. He makes a loyal friend, and is also good with children. He wants to be a father someday, but hasn’t found the right woman to settle down with.


I’m too much of an American, lol. I meant that she’s one-quarter Asian (Japanese actually) and the rest just “generic white brown-haired American”. Maybe I should make her half-Japanese instead… Ehh, I suck at physical descriptions of people’s ethnicity.

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  • Make will and Maddie juxtapose each other. And you say Maddie is one-quarter asian? What’s the rest of her? Her eyes would be small and round if she’s only one-quater. Her hair will be determined by what the rest of her three-quater race is. If it’s white, her hair will be dark brown and wavy but not frizzy. Get the race together, she could be one-quater asian and three-quaters outter space alien for all the reader knows! If mixed, then we have to know the character’s full ethnicity to really see her appearence…

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  • Sound good to me.

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