Which name out of the three?

For a character of mine and I wanted to give her a more unique, not overused name. Which name do you like best? If you dont like any of them then dont post anything lol


Emira (um meer ruh)

Dahlia (Dah leah or Dal e uh.

Suggestions if you have any?

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  • Arla sounds adventurous and mysterious

    Emira sounds romantic and goddesly

    Dahlia sounds powerful and strong

    What is your characters nature and plot?

    Personally I think Emira.

  • I like Emira most because I know someone named Arla and she is annoying and Dahlia makes me think of the Dally Llama (or however it is spelled)

  • Arla because I know two Dahlias and one Amira (I know it’s not Emira, but it’s close).

    Anyways,Arla sounds cute.:)

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  • Arla

  • Dahlia

  • Dahlia

  • Arla is the best because there’s no question how to pronounce it

  • apridi wil b the best

  • I like aria and emira…




    Idk lol

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