How do I write a novel?

Every since the th grade when seen a poster on the wall about a cowboy with two blue guns and how the small story really elaborated on every detail of the cowboy I have wanted to write my own book. I’ll never forget asking my teacher if she thought I could be a author one day and she told me that I could. I want to know if there are any novel writing programs that could help me write a book paragraph by paragraph and chapter by chapter or will I have to write this out on paper -_-? All I have come across are programs that seem like they only help you keep notes in order like ywriter, storybook, and storybox. So once again my question is there any software that I could download prefurably free 🙂 that I coujld download to help me start my own fictional novel?


Also something else that I wanted to add, how would I go about getting a hardcover made for it with art? And how about getting it into stores, not just e books. I’m getting major printed copies and then distributed.

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  • That was so unneccessary Grace…. Anyways, its actually quite easy with a good amount of practice and patience. Its bettet off, in my personal opinion, to start off with short stories or to start off with blogging. I love to write but theres so many tricks and things to learn about writing before you go off trying to write a best-selling novel from out of the woodworks.

    Just make a blog, (use blogger or wordpress) and just start writing about anything. You can write short stories about anything you want, or you can give people advice, or you can just write about how you day went. Anything. That way you get the practice..

    So say, well Zach, ive done all this crap for about months now and I am ready to write my novel. Well hold on cowboy, you have a long life ahead of you and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Writing a good novel takes time. Don’t expect to finish your novel in a month, or even months. Just take your time and think it out and be persistant. I want to emphasize on that last part, BE PERSISTANT! I try to have a habit of writing atleast page a day.

    As for the software you’re talking about I have never heard of any of that nonsence, I personally just like to keep my notes down in a notebook or on stickynotes and write the story in microsoft word but thats my preference I guess.

    Goodluck, I hope to read your novel one day! 🙂

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  • You would start off by using a spoon. Take the spoon and stab your hand three times. That should enable you to write a good novel! Thank you

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