Why do most people roll their eyes at a book with vampires?

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  • Because Twilight managed to make what was formally a legitimate fictional creature of horror into a bunch of glitter fairies.

  • It’s mostly because of Twilight. I personally hated Twilight, but I refuse to let it ruin vampires for me. It’s always been a subject where most of the books are silly or stupid and a few of them are real gems. So, I’m just waiting for that next great vampire novel to come out…

  • They are a common topic(more like “overdone” topic) and perpetually misrepresented. I would estimate around % of writers who are using or have used vampires ignore or have ignored the mythology. They use cliched sex scenes and animistic themes.

    After seeing the hype and what it has done to the vampire’s image, I’m not eager to stumble over yet another vamp book. And this is coming from someone who studied the mythology for years. I still love them, I do, but the modern rendering is a huge disappointment. Stephanie Meyer was not the only person to commercialize a desecrated mythology, but so was Anne Rice and her homo-erotic, human-empathizing “vamps”.

    ~~ ††AnkhesenKheper††

  • Do you mean an actual book with vampires, or a teen who says they’re writing one (oh, but of course they had the idea LONG before Twilight)?

    For the same reason I roll my eyes (mentally) at any “here’s my clone of the latest supertrendy idea, oh but of course _I’m_ not copying it, _my_ version is original”.

  • Because people are stupid and LITERALLY let one book series ruin their “childhoods” and favorite mythical creature. It doesn’t help that they’re popular right now still (though it’s waning) and the market is over saturated with the books and tv shows. It’ll stop soon enough honestly.

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  • Twilight ruined vampires for everyone, even Bram Stoker.

  • Superiority complex.

  • Cause everyones doing it now.

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