What are some really good crime novel authors?

I’m looking for some really good authors of crime/thriller/mystery novels. It has been suggested to read Patricia Cornwell’s books and they are super great. As well as Jeffery Deaver which are also very good.

What other authors in crime novels can you suggest that you have thoroughly enjoyed, thanks.

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  • Inger Wolf…


    – The Wasp Nest (Hvepsereden), crime novel

    – The Singing Bird (Sangfuglen), crime novel

    – Frost and Ashes (Frost og Aske), crime novel

    – Black Indian Summer (Sort Sensommer), crime novel

    – On the Side (Side Spring), novel

    EXTREMELY graphic….

  • I would suggest R D Wingfield and Colin Dexter.

    Additionally, why not Agatha Christie? I know the scenarios, language etc might be a bit dated, and some books were not that great, but getting down to brass tacks, most books are very good, many are brilliant, the problems are usually complex but all the clues to solve them are given if we could but put them together.

    If you were to give just one Christie a chance I would recommend ‘A Murder is Announced’. All the clues are there, in fact at the very start of the book one giveaway clue is given, and later in the book Miss Marple even writes out a LIST of ALL the clues that will tell us not only who the murderer is, but the motive behind the murders. Yet when you get to the unveiling of the killer, you are surprised but it all makes sense. Very clever!

  • The Best Crime novel Author in my Opinion is M.C Beaton, she writes the Agatha Raisin Series, the Hamish Macbeth series, the Edwardian murder mysteries, everybook has a great plot and keep your attention.

  • Anne Cassidy writes a lot of crime novels, her most famous one called “Looking for JJ”, about a girl who murdered another kid whilst she was a child, and is now on the run under false names.

    Of course, there’s also Agatha Christie, her books are brilliant too 🙂

  • Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky.

    This is the probably greatest book exploring the mind of a Murderer and one of the greatest by all benchmarks.

    Read it you will be influenced by mastery for rest of life. I would go to the extent of saying no body should die before reading this great book.

    Source(s): When I will die I would have spent at least % of my time reading

  • you might want to check out Seth Harwood’s Crime Wav podcast and website

    I like the Pendergast books by Preston and Child

    Source(s): http://crimewav.com/

  • Ross McDonald, Robert Parker, Raymond Chandler. All deceased but their books are still available

  • Lawrence Block.

    His short stories are the best.

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