How to start my story ‘Infected’?

I’m writing a story, purely for the thrill and fun, but I have no idea how to start of. It is called Infected, and the main character is called Kenzie Flynn (Yes that is spelled right) but she likes to be called Flynn.


She is in class one boring Tuesday morning (second period: Geography if you were wondering) when suddenly her teacher just drops dead half way through a sentence about earthquakes.

All the class is really scared as you can imagine, but then another girl from the class drops dead too. This girl sits next to Flynn, strangely the television switches on to a live broadcast telling everyone that there is an epidemic illness that kills as soon as it reaches someones blood system (boils the blood so much so quickly they have no time to tell anyone). One of the two news reporters dies and kids in Flynn’s class began to cry.

After, Flynn deserts the school along with a group of her friends who all die off. Once she and one of her remanding friends gets to a safe house that has been protected against the illness outside they are given gas masks to wear at all times. But it is too late for her friend, before she has a chance to put the mask on she passes away. There are other teenagers in this building besides her . One is called Charley Sawyer whom she grows attached to.

Those two and a few others from the safe house known as the ‘Bunker’ make a group known as the ‘Infected’. There are six altogether: Charley, Flynn, Lacy, Anthony, Annie and Beck.

It is discovered that half of the world has fallen to this deadly illness, and the number of dead continues to rise despite the gas masks that have been given to everyone.

Animals are immune to the disease and it is discovered that the ‘Infected’ are also immune.


But I don’t have any idea of how to start the first chapter where she is in class. Any ideas will do, thanks very much!!!


Just to be clear, three people do NOT die in the first paragraph. This is just the plot and I was wondering how to start because I don’t have a clue.

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  • This sounds like a very interesting story! Maybe you could start off the first chapter as just a normal morning. Maybe Kenzie is walking with friends to class and their talking. This would help to build the characters and who they are. Then the school bell could ring and everyone goes to class. The teacher is teaching then bam! Good luck with your story! It sounds like an awesome idea

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  • I would start her off having a conversation to give insight on what she is like. Or, Flynn is going on about this teacher to give us an idea of what this teacher is like. I love your idea btw. So suspenseful 🙂 I started a novel, but realized how SCARED I was, at first, to start it. You cannot be scared! It gets so easy. Find the courage to pick up your pen and get the idea on paper. YOLO lol 😉

  • I like this story but I dont think you sould have them witness three deaths in just the opening paragraph but this sounds really good!! Reminds me of the game dead rising .

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