i need help with an english writing assisnment for a "snow white and the seven little dwarfs"?

so basically, I have to write a letter to the author that I have to state all the sterotypes/bias that I found in the movie “snow white and the seven little dwarf”. and explain why it is harful to children. and explain how the director should change the movie to avoid sterotypes/bias.

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  • I agree with New Dad. I would personally write the following:

    Dear Writer,

    My teacher has asked that I write a letter explaining how your story is harmful to children and promotes bias and stereotypes. I personally think public education is dangerous and harmful to children. So between you and me, I would ask that you change nothing about your story, and would like your advise in how I can go about changing my teacher’s bias attitudes towards the arts, and their overall unrealistic expectations about life.

    I mean I suppose you could say that you have the stereotype of the wicked witch, but all honesty, if you ask anyone who actually has step parents, it seems that a lot of them could describe their step mother as wicked. Perhaps not to a point of poisoning them with apples, but maybe their casserole is of questionable quality. Or they simply don’t share any kind of common ground, which naturally arises differences in opinions. Sometimes those opinions if not resolved fester into resentment.

    Source(s): Yes, I have gotten in trouble in schools for saying things like I just wrote. Almost failed a final exam when I told a teacher that the Indians share equal responsibility for the devistation and disapparence for the buffalo. Perhaps even more so since it was the indians who insisted on running herds of up to , buffalo off a cliff. Trust me, their little tribe of people cannot eat , buffalo. And having a use for every part of an animal is not the same as using every part of the animal.

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  • Political Correctness is going Too a ways: the story of a mild Complexioned female who’s comparable to different Races and human beings who’ve the medical situation effortless as Dwarfism and likewise take place to Have White Beards inspite of Their of course youthful visual allure. If this would properly be a homework task, tell your instructor they suck. discovering from historic previous is one element. Rewriting it is yet another.

  • This is the modern-day version of ‘book-burning.” It is also a unscrupulous act of “re-writing history standards to conform to current history’s standards.”

    Instead, why not write a paper to your teacher on “overly-sensitive reactions to unavoidable stupidities of Life and go on to produce something constructive with your time?”

    This is just the stupid Politically-Correct horse-poop that the ”s generated and you should not have to participate in it as the goal of Political-Correctness is intolerance for non-minorities.

    Here’s your help:

    Ask the teacher for a different assignment.

    COPY & PASTE THIS as your homework. The teacher will reject this. But remind her that you are offended she ) considers the author NOT to be a reflection of his times, but to be discriminatory, ) that history has to be re-written to today’s standard’s, ) that this is the modern-day version of ‘book-burning’ & ) sets an unrealistic goal of eliminating prejudice in a reality that has prejudice.

    As this is within the lesson the school is trying to teach (intolerance for intolerance), your request is within the lesson plans.

    You will need to get your parents help after the teacher rejects it. But stick to your guns as this is the very heart of the homework assignment–intolerance for intolerance.

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    Were I your teacher (in a perfect school system), I would give you an A+ for putting the lesson theory into practice.

    But that is not how your school system works.

    Life has prejudice (such as this homework assignment). Tough. It is unavoidable. Instead of stopping to stone the one perp (seven little ones, in this case), why not make the World a better place for ten productive people?

    Source(s): Political-Correctness was a racist, sexist and discriminatory social movement that was created by the Equal Rights Laws.
    It was touted as a social movement of equal opportunity for all.
    It was anything but.
    To some, like attorney’s and Jesse Jackson, it was a tool to make lots of money.
    To others, like minorities, it was a chance to “get even” by openly practicing racisim (especally Blacks) and sexism (women).
    Over-sensitivity was the meat of the matter. Overly-sensitive minorities would complain. As attorney’s made it easy for their firms to make money through the EOE laws, they milked the machine for every dime they could get from such over-sensitive complaints.
    This lead to reverse-discrimination in which Non-minorities were helpless to defend.
    To Non-minorities, PC was a baseball bat in a rioters hands of “equality.”

    Thank You Lex.

  • It creates an obsession with beauty, because the queen wants to kill snow white just because she’s prettier than her

    It also suggests that a woman (snow white) is in need of being rescued by a man (kissed by the prince)

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