Why do people have to talk bad about others looks, and judge them?

Why do people have to talk bad about others, and judge them?

like, it seems people have a thing for calling other people ugly, even if their not ugly. Im a average looking guy, and people find all sorts of things bad to say about me.Mostly to my face, and i ruins my self image. How do i restore confidence when people always call me ugly? its impossible.

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  • Well they probaly call you ugly cause you responed and it makes you look crazy and them good do u get what i mean? You should try responding less or you could say look at your self or your uglier. They also probably say that cause they’re trying to get on your nerves just ignor them. They probably think they’re all that and they’re too self confident! Hope i helped you in some sort of way!!

  • Regardless of how good-looking/ugly you actually are, people will ALWAYS say things mean things about people. So don’t take it personal EVER. It’s never your fault that people say bad things. If you ever hear someone saying bad stuff, stop yourself from thinking “what’s wrong with me?” and start thinking “what’s wrong with them?” Chances are, whoever is saying it is just a ***** or is in a bad mood, has low self esteem..etc

    And anyways, looks shouldn’t matter much anyways. You should stop worrying about the way you look and focus more on developing your character and the way you treat others. I know that I don’t like guys just based on their looks. It’s really all about personality.

  • only you can decide this in the end.If they are girls than they probably like you and if they are guys than only a gay man would care but always remember this.If your ugly than people will freak out and truly let you know when they see you.I mean people will stop to stare and I am serious I mean stop and stare just to look at you for a second and then decide they don’t like to make eye contact with you.Basically if you are truly a ugly person than where ever you go this will be revealed not just at school.In my life i’ve been called ugly and then asked out on a prom date in the same day so what does this mean?Why is it that the people who have called me ugly aren’t as beautiful as the women that would like to go on a date with me and I have turned them down? you aren’t ugly and when you start to date women than you’ll realise this.heres a story by me.one time my sister was called out on a date so she drove to the guys house and when she saw him he was ugly for real.one time a fag called me ugly over some bullcrap and did I care no I didn’t because for one i’m not gay so screw him.put it this way,if you get what you want than what others say is obsolete

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  • It’s a human’s defense mechanism to call other people ugly to make themselves feel better. Just try and think optimistic to get your self confidence back

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  • people are insecure and mean, plain and simple. same with me. i never thought i was some hideous looking troll but according to some people, i am!! it really hurts, but there is nothing you can do really. just take solace in the fact that the people tormenting you will either end up

    ( incarcerated

    ( even uglier than you can imagine

    ( hated by everyone around them

    thats how i look at it lol 🙂

  • Look at a million Corinthians bankruptcy five. It would shock you. Read the entire bankruptcy. Also, in John Jesus says He does no longer pass judgement on folks who do not receive His instructing (right here on this planet). Jesus will of path be the excellent pass judgement on subsequently-occasions, however on this planet even as displaying us how we will have to are living He didn’t pass judgement on them. If Jesus did not pass judgement on them, who’re we to?

  • Usually ppl do this to make themselves FEEL better.

    They’re probably just upset with themselves.

    Just think of it that way and who cares about what they say?

    Do they have a right to say anything about mighty god’s creations? Hell no. They are petty little humans..nothing compared to God. Don’t ever try to say anything mean back to them. God will judge them on judgment day.

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    Don’t let that bull crap get to you! 😀

  • Insecurity. They try to find things wrong with you to make themselves feel better, even if there isn’t anything wrong with you in the first place. People will even make up things just to make themselves feel better.

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