Can anyone come up with a continuation for this story? (it’s short)?

Please think of something creative (nothing stupid or outrageous)

Thank You for Your Help! 😀

Here’s what we got so far:

Lauren has a car accident and falls into a coma. Her ghost can only be seen by a man named Arthur. Arthur is amazed that he can see her ghost. They befriend one another and Arthur sets out to help Lauren return to her body. In order to do this, he kidnaps Lauren’s body from the hospital because the doctors wish to perform an euthanasia. They fall in love and make love. He successfully kidnaps her, but later has to return her body because the inspector finds out. Eventually Lauren returns to her body, opens her eyes, and does’t remember anything that happened (even Arthur).

Now for the continuation…… please help me out!


He makes love to her ghost. (i am not sure how, apparently they can feel each other)

This is actually a book by the French author Levy and I read it for my French class! My assignment is to come up with the next two chapters ( words in french) for the continuation of the book. 🙂 I had no creative ideas so thanks guys!!! I think I’ll implement both of your ideas into one! And also, I can show you the final story, but it’s gonna’ be in French! 🙂 Thanks again for the ideas!:D

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  • I don’t understand the middle portion of the story. If Lauren’s body is not connected to her ghost, how does Arthur make love to Lauren? Because the way I read it, Lauren returns to her body AFTER making love to Arthur. It would be overly weird and wrong if he made love to an unconscious body.

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    I actually think that this is a good place to end your story. Unless you mean a sequel? In which case, I think the story should be tied to dreams.

    Lauren should begin to have dreams of a mysterious hero, and flashbacks of what happened while she was a ghost. Perhaps a few years have passed and Arthur and Lauren are living in far away places now and have separated. Lauren sets out to find this hero, and eventually comes in contact with Arthur. She falls in love with him again, but she never fully remembers what happened as a ghost and thinks they are only dreams that she had.

  • Arthur watches her from a distance for weeks and she realises she’s being watched. She finally catches him in the act. He quickly explains what has happened, and tells her about her life story and about secrets that nobody else should know. He tells her of the conversations they once had and her memory slowly comes back. after weeks of talking Arthur does an act to Lauren out of instinct that happened before when she was in her ghost form. Then her memory comes back all at once, and they fall in love yada yada yada.. And happily ever after

    Source(s): If you use this I want to know so i ca here the final story

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