Is there any way I can be happy and optimistic when I have no reason to be?

Every time I get a glimmer of hope that something good will happen or something will go right life comes along all like “Nope”

I’ve had my hopes raised to very high levels just to have them crushed. I was once very happy and proud of myself though it was all a lie. Now I feel like a piece of sh*t and nothing goes right ever.

I really want to be happy and optimistic but I have no reason to be.

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  • I suggest that when you get that feeling again, just stay steady and go with the flow. If you stay calm and not get so excited, then maybe you’ll get what you want, but sometimes you may be overacting and maybe its slipping away, so next time play it cool. think positive, but keep your cools. Mike

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  • Happiness is Simply a choice

    and You are the One who needs to come up with

    Reasons to be Optimistic….

  • sure u do u r alive. u have friends. hmmm what is it u really really want to do in life? dont think it do it there will be bumps in the road but that is life. life is one big obstacle and obstacles are not meant to be easy hence the name. if u are not happy it is because your own self get that bs out of your head. u say u have nothing to be happy about well take everything thing you dont have to be happy about and find within the unhappy and find the happy. for instance, you are in a relationship where u are locked down from doing what you really want, relationship ends now u get to go do what u really want.

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    gl dont worry be happy.

  • I know this feeling. I’ve dealt with it and I still deal with it from time to time.

    But then I look around.. I see sick,poor,miserable human beings and I think to myself: Man, atleast I’m healthy! I honestly think that is the most important thing.

    I’m hopeless.I often think I will never find true love or something really amazing will happen in my life.

    But, it could be worse, right?

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  • The problem isn’t that you don’t have reasons to be happy or optimistic, it’s that you’re having trouble seeing them. Everyone has SOMETHING to be happy about; EVERYONE.

    I’ve been where you are, I promise it gets so much better.

  • You can be happy and optimistic, just don’t “overwhelm yourself”

    by setting your expectations to high all at once.

    Adjust your priorities, by setting one small goal at a time.

    You do not have to ever settle for “Murphy’s Law.”

  • Being optimistic will bring good things to you.

  • you don’t have to have a complicated reason to be happy anymore than you have to have a reason to sometimes feel sad.

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