Whether attitude depends life experience or your life experience constitutes your attitude ?


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    Good question. Attitude is the base. Attitude helps in engaging in action, which builds experience, experience in turn enriches the basic attitude and people become more experience and so on.

  • Life experiences form the person you are today of which your attitude is a reflection. Life experience is good and bad meaning your attitude can reflection of specific recent or recurring events. Both to your question because attitude depends on also how you deal with random events that occur.

  • I think, Natural Attitude,Taking the Coaching with the Experiences, and Dancing Accordingly, with the Changing STEPS, with the Better Dance or with the Worst Dance Steps, Depending on the Personal Attitude of the Understanding of the DANCES.

  • Attitude comes down to thinking and belief choices Balaji.

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  • Sure it can. I could handiest feel down for a whilst, but after the clouds are cleared, i’ll proceed my existence as natural. I no longer dwell in the past dangerous expertise, as an alternative be taught from it. The sector is giant, so why stay at that one factor and not moving on. I is also equipped to experience something quality.

  • It is like asking “what was first, the egg or the chicken”! But still, the key to everything is awareness and achieving that requires an awakening that happens in a certain stage of a persons individual evolution, meaning that it happens without your personal interference. So, awareness allows you to be consciously involved in changing your attitude. It means that you are actively effecting your experience and further more, by determining your goal as a higher one you form your perception in accordance.

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  • Your life experience constitutes your attitude , you know that fire will bring burns by either experiencing or by seeing others experience . so your experience constitutes your attitudes .

  • of course depends

    as the result of any experience may be good or bad result so there is no definite result so there is no formation

    when we say depends the result of your life experience may be a good or bad outcome depends on mentality of the person and the kind of life experience

    good luck 🙂

  • Your altitude in life depends on your attitude.

  • Both. Life is a dynamic experience.

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