OWE Results!!!! [+WQ]?

Ground Zero vs Mr. E for the Light Heavyweight Title

Good back and forth match. Lots of crowd cheers. In the middle of the match, both men DDT each other and rolled out of the ring. The Referee got to a count of and both men were back in the ring. Ground Zero hit a devastating clothesline and pinned Mr. E for the count.

Mr. TLC vs The Con Man for the OWE Title.

Mr. TLC is out first with a microphone talking about how he is the best superstar OWE has. The Con Man comes out and says that Mr. TLC is full of himself. They have a quick staredown and the match begins. The Con Man hits a few minor moves but Mr. TLCdoesn’tt seem to be tiring out at all. The Con Man hits a few more kicks and punches and Poncho comes out at ring-side to attempt to distract TLC, but instead Con Man is the one that gets distracted. Mr. TLC rolls Con Man up for a count, but Con Man kicks out. TLC eventually ends up hitting a D.O.A for the count. TLC grabs his title and stands next to Poncho. They exchange a few words and Mr. TLC walks away while Poncho goes to check on Con Man.

Sandman vs Twilight for the Hardcore Title.

Quick match. Sandman hits Twilight with a chair and pins him for the count.

Jessie vs Sakura vs ??? for the Divas Title.

Jessie and Sakura both make there entrances to the ring, and GM Tishelle Torture appears on the titatron. She tells Jessie and Sakura not to start the match because a surprise opponent will also enter the match. As Jessie and Sakura both look confused, The Diary by Hollywood Undead hits and Tishelle Torture comes out in her wrestling gear. Jessie and Sakura are both in shock. While Tishelle is still making her entrance, Jessie quickly attacks Sakura and hits a Beautiful Bulldog that leaves Sakura lying helpless in the ring. While Jessie is so distracted by Sakura, Tishelle comes up from behind and hits a Primal Scream for the count. While Tishelle is celebrating her newly won title, Jessie and Sakura both start screaming and demanding a rematch. Tishellesayss she accepts and walks to the back.

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** Note, usually there will be matches, but do the fact I lack time right now, there are only . And yes I know the matches are lame, Im working on it**

WQ: What did you think of the Alicia Fox vs Gail Kim match?


Charlie, your my idol. Lmao.

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  • Cool, I don’t really remember this but it was a good show. /

    WQ: Not the best Divas match I’ve seen, but not the worst either.

  • It was ******* great. Can I join?

    Name: The USAhole

    Gimmick: Stereotypical American racist

    Finishers: Ankle Lock & The Stripes

    Signatures: Bulldog, Boston Crab, & German Suplex


  • Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo I winz da match cuz ims the uber pwnager……so gimme BA .

  • FAIL FED JR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WQ-I noticed Alicia’s nipples were sticking out during the whole thing.

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