Is this a good plot for a story?

Story is set in the near future. Evelyn, the main character believes her parents to be dead, as Mother was a witch, but she only saw father killed by her mother’s jealous past love. Her father was the Duke of Hollow Creek&after war broke out, volterine’s were created to protect the town. (volterine’s are creatures who were angelic beings&created by one of Mario’s ancestors, who was a witch, in an attempt to protect the town’s people, by being a guardian angel to as many humans in their immortal life as they could.) Volterine’s eventually won but Messengers were also created so they could see everything that Volterine’s did&keep them in check as they were even more powerful. Volterine’s were easy to create&they made lots of Volterine’s to keep the town safe. Messenger’s decide who is turned and decided that the most sacred rules is to never fall in love with the one you protect as most of the people they turn are damned, and without them, they would have died. If anyone disobeyed this rule, then the Messengers come for you&the person you are protecting, or the both of you&you are sentenced to hell. At the start of the book, a seven year old Evelyn watches as her father is killed. Evelyn is found by an angel named Alistair Bisette, who claims to be her angel or protection, like her father promised he would come. This isn’t a lie, as he is a Volterine, as he is her guardian, someone who must protect her with his life, but never fall in love with her. When she is just sixteen, she sees a friend killed by a werewolf&the Duke of town tries to downplay it&tells believe that it was just an animal attack. Evelyn is quickly admired by the new Duke’s son, Leon Émile&realises with his help, she could overrule his father’s rule about not allowing theatre or music in the land. She does that&everything returns to normal, though Leon’s makes it clear that he has feelings for her, but unsure of how she feels, she makes him wait. Evelyn has visions of a serial killer being killed by a werewolf&she hears it on the news. She tells Alistair as she realises that there is a murderous werewolf on the rampage and out for blood who warns her to stay at home so she’s safe, but she ignores him and is attacked by a werewolf, before being saved by Alistair. Just when things seem to go back to normal, Evelyn’s friend, Alexis Jones becomes possessed by a Volterine Rulers, (who are more powerful volterine beings) &demand her to get Evelyn’s ring, something which is powerful&strong&capable of saving Evelyn’s life, or they will kill Alexis, but she is stopped by Alistair, who gets her to admit why she did it. He slips a poison into Alexis’s drink which makes her unconscious for a while&erases her memory of it, as Evelyn does not yet know that Alistair is a volterine, and believes that he is just her angel. Whilst Alistair is sorting this, another werewolf (Aidan Smith) comes to town&manages to slip past Alistair, explaining to Evelyn that he needs her ring as it has the power to break the werewolf curse with the help of a powerful witch, as it was a ring that her mother created. But at first, Evelyn refuses to help him, as it is the ring that her father gave her, and the werewolves were the cause of all the deaths on the news. She stumbles across a pack of werewolves who promise that with Alistair’s help to control their blood thirst, they won’t attack any more humans as long as she helps them fight the curse with her ring, and Evelyn reluctantly agrees. Whilst this is going on, Evelyn’s best friend Catherine has her grandmother visits town&warns Catherine that something bad in town is about to happen, a war is about to break up as she is physic& physic powers run in the Bellerose family. Catherine’s car crashes, with her inside it&although her grandmother dies in the crash, Catherine is saved by Alistair&quickly realises that she has superpowers, such as the ability to lift things with the flick of her fingers, and hurt people with her fingers. She realises that in drinking his blood&him saving her, she took some of his strength.

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One of the characters, Dylan Valentine ends his relationship with Hannah Bridlington after he is attacked by a werewolf&is turned into one himself&as he is unrestrained and untrained, he ends up going on a killing rampage, as he cannot control himself, but Alistair promises Evelyn that he will try&train him to fight it, as she does not want anybody else to die. Another character, Rebekah Darby is told by her mother that her father was a fey&as the town struggles to fight against volterine’s and werewolves, that she must join forces with Evelyn and Catherine to stop the town’s struggle as the mayor isn’t helping at all, and they’re the only people who can. A vampire comes to town&attacks Hannah Bridlington after she is out late partying&she is turned into a vampire. After Dylan Valentine lashes out&tries to bite Evelyn, Alistair kills him, causing Dylan’s ex-girlfriend Hannah to go on a rampage around town.


Just as she almost kills Catherine’s mother, Havana, Catherine uses her supernatural powers and kills her, before she can kill Havana. Evelyn, Catherine, Evelyn’s friend, Emily Howley, her other friend Ethan Black, Alexis Jones, Lucas Heath&Rebekah Darby all decide to visit the beach for the weekend to get away from it all, but when one of Evelyn’s friends is attacked by a vampire again, Evelyn is forced to let her guardian and Aidan to help her kill him. When they come home, Alistair finally confesses how he has fallen in love with Evelyn who tells him despite the way he feels for her, she does not feel the same way&cannot love him back (she does not know that he isn’t allowed to fall in love with her until later), he leaves her, despite how he promise he never would. A few months later, when everything begins to go back to normal, Evelyn is attacked by a Messenger, who comes looking for her because Alistair is missing, about to kill her because of Alistair falling in love with her wh

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  • YES! Now write the thing!!!

    Remember to flesh out the side characters so you don’t have one fully realised character wandering through a cardboard-cutout world of dimensional people.

    For example – What does the witch look like? And, why were these “voltarines” created? Was it purely because the Duke asked? [technically Angels can ONLY be created by God] – So, we have an internecine plot – Is she lying to hide a painful truth; protect someone; or to cause trouble for an enemy… basically, does the witch have her own agenda?] This could be wound through the background – maybe for further revelations in part or .

    Give your readers a reason to want to read and re-read part one – and then wait eagerly for all the other parts to come.

    Good luck

  • Yes, but, this Yahoo!

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    , people could not want to read all the question to answer (i read it, i should get a little reward or something, maybe not), going back to the subject of the quality of the plot, it is very creative, you should write the full book and try to convince an editor to publish it (if the first editor doesn’t likes it, don’t give up, Dr. Seuss had to try a lot of times before his first book got published) and then see if people buy your book or not. Hope that helps.

    Source(s): Years of being a book-worm.

  • the story seems to be gud.but it really is very complex.readers like to be amused every here and there in between the they would keep on reading.but your story lacks this there r no surprises in between.just add some twists here and there.every time it gets show someone to be a traitor who betrays her.or something.

    Source(s): gud ur story again if u edit it.

  • It sounds really good.

    It is a bit confusing, but that is probably just because you have had to condense it down so much for this

  • oh thanks for the idea this is mine now

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