its a bit personal my wife likes to be spanked but i dont ?

like it as it does nothing for me i mean i will do it but don’t like hurting her but it turns her on something terrible what do you think?

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  • If she enjoys it go for it.

  • Sometimes to keep sparkle in a relationship, each partner needs to give a little extra. This may be your “extra”.

    Ultimately, you and she may need to address whether or not you feel comfortable that she get her kicks elsewhere. Would you feel comfortable with that? Doesn’t seem likely.

    So, for the sake of the relationship, I’d say — have a go.

  • Would it be so terrible to spank her once in awhile??

    I’m sure there are days she doesnt feel like cooking dinner, but does it anyways.

  • .. I think I know the perfect guy for your wife ..

    .. True story ..

    .. He’s pretty convincing/persuasive ..

    .. He might be able to help YOU out ..

    Source(s): .. If you don’t fancy his ‘help’ ..

    .. Guess you’ll just have to hunker down and get on with it ..

    .. It might grow on you .. Eventually ..

  • This is easy. Tell me where you live, and I’ll come over and spank her for you.

  • Man up, get the paddles out and stop whining. I bet she doesn`t relish washing your skiddy underwear but she does it … LOL

  • Well tis better to give than to receive.

  • I`d be history mate !!

  • She likes it, so just carry on : )

  • We all do things we don’t like love ….get on with it!

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