japanese relocation camps ‘s?

im doing a debate in world history and my group was assigned the side that is for the Japanese relocation in the ‘s give me some points arguments and rebutles about good things in Japanese relocation

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  • Ouch. You’ve clearly got the lower hand in this argument. LOL. So you’re gonna have to roll with the ‘better safe than sorry’ argument. Because other than that, you’ve got no ground to stand on. I’d argue that although the Japanese WERE citizens, they had more to gain by a Japanese victory than they did in an American victory, because in the ‘s, anybody of color had shyytty rights in the US. I’d argue, “we can’t trust em! We’re treatin em bad already! Why SHOULDN’T we lock em up!!?!?”. I’d take the stance that “the Japanese American citezenry have just been WAITING for an opportunity like this!”, “IF IT WERE ME, I’D FIGHT! IF I WERE JAPANESE AMERICAN, I’D KILL US CITEZENS! WE SIMPLY CANNOT TAKE THIS RISK!” It’s all crazy talk, for sure. But any defense of violating dozens of thousands of American citizens rights (Japanese or not) is crazy talk. You have no ground to stand on arguing from the side that is for relocation, but if you must argue FOR a crazy stance, you might as well go ALL THE WAY with it, right?

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