Large Programming Project (PHP Game with animation)?

I am about to begin on what will be a very large project for me, but i’m not % sure how to go about doing it. I have experience with Java, HTML, PHP, and SQ, but I have not attended any instructional classes on these languages. Everything i know is self taught using forums, watching videos, and experience(trial&error).

My best language, by far, is Java because i work with it the most, but from what i understand, JavaScript is not the same thing so i plan on learning this language as well.

What i plan on doing is creating an online slot machine that uses MMORPG currency. I have the ability to make transfers of the currency with ease, but i am not sure what the best way to make the actual slot machine would be.

My original idea is to make everything run in PHP, that way the code is secure and prevents anyone from viewing and breaking the game. I would then use JavaScript to display the animation of a virtual slot machine spinning and then stopping on the spaces that where pre-determined by the PHP.

So my question is, what would be the best way to do this? Much detail as possible is greatly appreciated. I would also like contact info(Skype, email) of anyone willing to suggest and/or help. There is no doubt that this will be profitable upon completion and i am not a greedy person.

—-Extra Details—-

-I already have a payout table, Graphis, and the desired layout complete.

-I have already made the code that will determine the slots stopped on and the total payout.

-i am currently experimenting with frames.

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  • Interesting, and simple enough to make.

    Not sure, however, that it will be “profitable” without very serious advertising (which will bevery expensive).

    I am willing to give you some help starting it.

    Contact me on We’ll talk from there.

  • Yeah, the PHP/Javascript approach should be fine. Make sure the whole system is secure, though. For something like this, that’s really important in order to keep people from cheating.

  • You should use javascript on the client side, as you suggested. Here is a simple animation that should show you how to create it.…

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