mozilla wont show up :s?

right now im using internet explorer but everytime i click mozilla it says its already running but isnt responding and you must close out of it or restart your system. ive reset my computer but still it says it and there is no mozilla in the task bar. How do i get it to work again?


but i have given it time 😮 its been about a month, give or take, and i thought it would go away and mozilla would once again show but alas it has not

✅ Answers

  • fairly Firefox is larger helpful than IE given it fairly is stepped forward on the optimal properly enjoyed and quickest mozilla platform you’ve the skill to additionally made it speedier by utilising removing the addons and pointless plugins if your tips superhighway connection is gradual attempt utilising Opera . it fairly is the quickest browser I even have ever experienced with a function stated as opera rapid enabeled in fairly velocity up the information superhighway internet site get carry of for slower connections

  • reinstall mozilla

  • just give it time

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