Music downloaded!!!!!!!!?

So my friend had frostwire. Its a music downloaded. I want to know if it is illegal because i dont want him to go to jail!! thanks

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  • “Technically” not illegal, they call it shareware for a reason. it’s a peer peer application meaning the music you’re downloading is what that person is allowing you to download whether you know them or not.

    Just dont download any movies and you’ll be fine. I went down that road and I got busted. So I now keep it music only!

    “So what if I’ve downloaded a few…..THOUSAND songs..I mean come on! who hasn’t?!?!”

  • It is illegal. Download music legally from

  • It’s illegal, but he’s not looking at prison time if he’s not selling it. He can, however, be sued for illegal downloading. The minimum fine is $. per song. Plus legal fees, of course.

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