Whats a good desktop music maker program that has REAL sounding instruments, instead of club/techno sounds.?

I need something for Windows OS. Something fairly easy to use with a wide variety of instruments that sound real.


  • Hi, most (if not all?) music software come with no to little real instruments. Many third party companies make sampled libraries of real instruments that you can use inside the music creation software.

    Watch this for example, a rd party sample library (East west quantum leap and omnisphere) used in FL Studio:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKPEtkq-

    There are also free “soundfonts” which have real instruments.

    The reason I use FL Studio is because it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other software AND comes with lifetime free updates. so all updates/new versions of FL ,, ect will be free for life.

    FL comes with real instruments already. A nice acoustic guitar and piano sounds. But there are alot of paid for and free options out there for other instruments (check out DSK Instruments).

    Never the less, FL Studio makes a great host program for these instruments so you can actually make a song out of them. Try the FL demo here: http://flstudio.image-line.com/documents/download….

    Then go find free/buy sample libraries or sound fonts and try them in FL to build a track.

    If you like FL Studio, here’s an instant % discount you can use to purchase it directly from its developers at Image-Line:


    have fun!

    Source(s): http://www.youtube.com/flstudiodiscount

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