Name the little black book given Catholic child in rural public school early 60's.?

The book was small (3 X 5″ ish), black and smooth covered. It had a symbol on the front along with the title. I believe it had red as well as black type inside. It had dates to read certain parts, or sections. It did contain some pictures. Not sure if it was Missal, New Testament, or something else, but I am trying to find one. The man did have to go out to the car again since I was the only Catholic, but he did have something for me. I loved it. Thank you for your help.

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  • From your description, I’d guess it was a red-letter Bible, i.e. one where anything Jesus said was printed in red to bring your attention to it. Also, from what you say about the man having to go back to his car to find the appropriate edition for a Catholic, and it being the 1960s, I’d imagine it was the Douay version of the New Testament.

    Was the symbol on the front something like a two-handled pitcher inside an oval, gold on a darker-coloured background? If so, it was most likely a presentation by the Gideons organisation, which to this day in my country (UK) presents a New Testament to every child entering senior school.

    Source(s): Received one myself in England in the early 1970s.

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