Out of million Europeans exterminated by the Nazis, why has only one group become so important?

During the Third Reich, it is estimated that and million people through out Europe were exterminated by the Nazis. This includes Jews, Gypsies, Soviet prisoners of war, Polish and Russian civilians, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other political and religious opponents, regardless of whether they were of German or non-German ethnic origin. They were all human beings. Why is it that only a select group of those who were exterminated have become so prominent and important?

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  • No group is more important than another. All the Jewish Holocaust memorials, including Yad Vashem in Israel pay tribute to the non Jews who were killed.

    However, this question needs to be asked to the brainless Holocaust deniers. They are the ones who seem to focus on the one group of people.

    I have never heard a denier say that no Homosexuals or no Slavs were killed in the Holocauat. For them it is ALWAYS no Jews were killed. Just shows what their agenda is.

    And no doubt you will now get some conspiracy theories here about media control and manipulation. Just ignore it.


    You had me until you claimed that Jews hold the majority of seats in congress.

    You do realize that there are just % of members of Congress who are Jewish. % is hardly a majority.

    And Jews don’t manipulate the media either like you claim.

    And who is “they”? Are Jews just one body of people? If one Jew works in Wall Street, does that mean all Jews now have power in Wall Street. All Jews are individuals, not part of “They”

    You are delving a bit close to the realm of conspiracy theories there.

    I appreciate your logic on the reason Jews are focused on, but you may need to tone down your “the Jews control Washington, the media and Wall Street” stuff.

  • For the same reason that the killing of million Congolese by King Leopold II and his operatives during the Congo Free State (-) is not considered a genocide.

    The extermination of Jews is considered a genocide because the Nazis had a genocidal intent The Nazis wanted Jews, seen as a non European ethnic group, to disappear from the surface of the earth, including Europe.

    The Jewish lobby is powerful and control a number of media channels. There are dozens of billionaires and millionaires among the Jews. They have the money to promote their causes.

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    There are powerful Jews in America and in Europe that have used all possible strategies in order to make the Holocaust, the extermination of Jews, the most talked about genocide.

    Others do not have the power or the resources to promote their genocide as a major genocide.

  • I would say… now dont get me wrong, maybe there is a %-% chance that their is a secret group that have not discovered what I have… which is if a man and a woman woo–pady–hoo-has together… with mascara of course… then life is pretty sweet…. but anyway so theres a chance there is a group of people who are so sinister and evil because they do not get what I get… and some how they have direct route to the creation and control of the united states and now europe due to the victory over the Nazis…. or because white people rule the world and could have taken it over in ww.. English people are prodominately racially german… and one of the highest if not the highest immigrants to the united states is German, and northern europeans love souther europeans… so we felt bad because they were jews.. when everyone else was just white people with different opinions.

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  • Because Hitler based a prominent part of hes idealism in the extinction of the jews. If you read mein kampf you can see that he extracts a lot of information and influence from the book called the protocols of the elders zionist. He brought in the cleanse of the aryan race and hes theories relied heavily on extermination of the jews. now that does not fully explain why they emphasis on the holocaust so much and forget about the others. But you dont see many gypsies, jehovah’s witness or soviet prisoners controlling the spread of mass media and holding a majority of the seats in the white house lobby and congress. They do also hold a lot of power in wall street. so……yeah its just easy for them to explain the tragedies that fall upon them. which i dont blame them for cuz i would do the same

  • because of the fact many information have been destroyed, and various of the bodies have been additionally, it heavily isn’t attainable to grant a precise determine – yet million is relatively on the edge of the sumptuous quantity. thousands and thousands of non-Jews have been additionally slaughtered, and the completed dying toll of the extermination and concentration camps could desire to relatively attain double that quantity.

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  • Basically the Jewish P.R. machine is the most prolific, and as over % of those practicing the Jewish Religion live in the U.S., then they have the powerhouse of the world that can be used to broadcast the message.

  • Probably because in numbers, the most people who were killed were indeed Jews. And there’s no doubt they were the focus of Hitler’s rantings and ravings.

  • Cause Jews think their better than everyone else!

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