poetry terms in poems?

can you do poems using these poetry terms here they are simile, metaphor, imagery, tempo, poetry slam, personification, repetition, pause, rhythm, emphasis, enunciation, crescendo and decrescendo, spoken word poetry, pick nine words and create nine poems as example of the words you choose

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  • The following should help you get started:-

    Literary Devices & Terms

    Welcome to the website dedicated to literary devices (literary terms).

    Here you will find a list literary devices (literary terms) with definitions and examples.

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  • Taking a snooze all day long. there is no person disturbs me yet i basically can not be happy. there is not any desire there is not any melancholy basically the anger remained into my heart. there is not any risk and there is not any clue you have long previous so far off i’m hiding myself from you I hate myself who can not provide up loving you i believe so stupid because of fact i’m stil in love with you Fall over precipice yet there is not any you may nonetheless rescue me My heart has broken products i can not love you anymore a million. Figurative Language ‘My heart has broken products’ while quite it hasnt. this is a poetry term. . ‘anger remained into my heart.’ Is figurative Language as your heart doesnt even have anger interior it. . Taking a snooze all day long. I doubt they actually took a snooze ALL DAY long. pretend. I dont understand the term nonetheless, sorry. . rescue me I dont understand completely yet rescue me. You dotn surely elect RESCUING so this is figurative language i think of. Thats all i will think of of. clarify on your instructor that its harda dn expalin why. desire i helped xx

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