programing GUI tools with C?

so i’ve been reading this book on C and i’ve gotten to the part where you build a minimal Windows window. it shows you how to do a lot to the window but it seems to have left out the addition of buttons to control your program with. and i mean a GUI application without buttons is like a ship without sails or a rudder.

so how would i do that, with macros or something else? any guides you know of would be awesome also.


wow that was helpful.

maybe i wanted to stick with C because i haven’t finished learning programing yet and would like to keep with it till i get better before i move around.

besides C is much faster and lighter weight then C#

i’m not asking for anything shiny and new. i just wanna make an bit window with buttons.

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  • You can use to find many free tutorials, ebooks, forums and other information

    There are many forums for C programming and etc…you can ask them for any advice and information…

    I hope this helps!

  • Stop using C and stating using c# its GUI orientated and alot easier

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