Should colleges make it a priority to spend more money on improving students’ mental health?

American colleges and universities are devoting increased attention to students who experience psychological problems, such as stress and depression, that are associated with the transition from high school to higher education. At a great expense, some colleges have developed a network of psychologists, programs, and treatment facilities to deal with their students’ mental health issues. Other colleges and universities argue that they cannot afford the cost of addressing students’ psychological needs, especially when budgets are already too tight. Should colleges and universities make it a top priority to spend more money on improving students’ mental health? why or why not?

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  • In my personal opinion: No, absolutely not. Mental Health is not a school’s responsibility, and it should not be part of every student’s tuition to pay for the clinical needs of a few students. Perhaps the potential exists to include the cost of a psychological therapy department in the “rent” of dorm-based students, as they have nowhere else to go, much like an on-campus medical clinic.

    Now if there is a psychology department that wants to run their own clinic, that is their their business, but I don’t believe any schools should be required to maintain “a network of psychologists, programs, and treatment facilities to deal with their students’ mental health issues.” at the cost of every student.

    I know I never used any on-campus facilities in the entire years I attended school — not the computer labs, not the cafeteria, not the public study areas, and certainly not the clinic, chapel, or therapists.

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  • peace, bbgirl, you seem to have some issues that should concern the school. you have to know, that if you are blacking out and not remembering after, then you are not only a very big liability,you have put other students in compromising positions. –that, along with the swearing under your breath while the staff was trying to help you, were not actions of a responsible college student. you have to remember that the school is responsible for more than just you there. and they are going to involved in some of your affairs that are related to the school. to i know that you may be struggling with this problem that you’re dealing with, but you have to try harder to resist the negative, see your therapist, and don’t use drugs and alcohol. you have to stand up and face what ever it is that is haunting you…and remember, at least you’re still alive, and being alive gives you another chance to fix it.

  • No they shouldn’t. Isn’t it the persons responsibility to pay for treatment in America? Why would you need help to transfer from school to university? Surely if you can pass your high school exams and the entry tests for college/university, you are mature enough to cope with campus life. If someone is found to need counseling they or their parents should pay for it. Isn’t that common sense?

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  • no, you should go to a mental health clinic off campus

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