Which match is "bigger"? Inter vs Barca or Liverpools vs Brecenen?

I forgot about another so call big team that start with A


Sorry for my misspell:

Liverpool vs Debrecen

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  • Oh ya nice freudian slip with the ‘a’ team. Now, inter barca is by far the match to watch on wednesday. I hope eto’o and Ibra remember which team they are playing for right now. Liverpool will strangulate Debrecen. I’d be surprised if Liv don score atleast goals!

  • Inter vs Barcelona Liverpool Should Slaughter Debrecen But The Inter Game Will Be Tight

  • Inter – Barca – this is massive

    Liverpool – Debrecen – neither stands a chance of winning it this season so who cares?

  • “Neither team has a chance of winning it so who cares”?

    Pretty sure Liverpool has been in two finals in the last five years and are third in the uefa rankings… much better than Inter’s chances. But of course Inter v Barcelona is the bigger match, Eto’o and Ibra facing against their old sides.

  • Inter & Barca bcs these both clubs are big.

  • Inter vs Barca ~~i will watch it~

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