Last night on the MTV VMA’S something very special happened. Now everyone on the planet can finally agree that Kanye West is a giant super d*ck. Unless you live under some hip hop rock. I’m sure that you know that last night, Kanye Hole Interuppted sweet innocent little country kitten Taylor Swift while she was accepting her award for best female video. What A….Douchenozzle. Some people say Kanye was drunk as he was photographed holding a bottle of Hennessy on the red carpet. And if you ask me his choice of beverage is a little on the NOSE. Vodka is better.Taylor handled it the best way, her redneck upbringing, allowed her to. But she doesn’t know that when you’re in New York and a black male approaches you, you quickly divert your eyes…and cross to the other side of the stage. Then you yell at the top of your lungs MY AWARD MY CHOICE! Kanye was lucky that it wasn’t Miley up there because Billy Ray would’ve strangled him with his mullet and ACHEY BREAKED his neck. Let me tell you something okay Mr. West you don’t mess with country. Right now somewhere in the south REba, Toby Keith and the Dixie Chicks are taking time off from having sex with their cousins to organize a protest. Clint Black is so pissed that he’s changing his name to CLINT WHITE. and you better hope that Dolly Parton doesn’t get a hold of you or she’s gonna smack that Dickin douche right outta you. And that’s gonna take a long time.

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  • there isnt even a question in this extremly long and quite unessecary “essay”on what happened at the VMAs kanye was a douche, but he apologized on national tv so just everybody forgive everybody and stop making this a big deal

  • Wow, people are idiots, just because you don’t like taylor doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve what Kanye did. He had no right to do what he did. Even if you don’t think Taylor didn’t deserve the award, she certainly didn’t deserve Kanye’s outburst. He’s a idiot for doing so and I hope majority of the world stops supporting him, thinking back now I shoulda picked up cents album when they had that battle going on! His apology on his blog will not make up for his action. I bet he’ll never leave this down! I bet his girlfriend was pretty embarassed too. I definately believe that it was NOT a setup, I mean did you get a good look at her face when they announced that she won the award? and then catch her reaction after Kanye jumped in! One thing I did read off a website that Taylor’s performance was pre-recorded, but I could care less about that

  • You sound like you write for some smut magazine. yes what he did was wrong. But you can tell a normal person wouldn’t do such a thing and have more common sense than that. It’s a given. He could have Health issues in that dept. As he seems to blurt out things and has no idea what he’s saying at the time is wrong. Perhaps he’ll seek therapy in the future.

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  • why would you want to talk about this? its not a big of a deal, all youre doing is elaborating about what happen in the vma awards which is old news. ( days ago). you should talk about things that are RECENT. or go get yourself a life

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  • haha i like kanye and all but what he did to taylor was so rude,

    shes like half of his age. when i seen that im like WTF.

    but beyonce did the right thing at least 🙂

  • People are getting tired of this… ask a differrent question.

  • hes such a freakin jacka$$. y r u guna hate on a year old grl winning her first V.M.A. and telling her she ddnt deserve it. wtf?!? a$$hole

  • your a douche go kill urself b someone else does

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