text messages from unknown number?! help?

okay so this is the second time it happened to me. well right now, i got texts. they were:

—from: you

girly girl..

—from: shwayze

died !

—from: i

know what you did today

as you can see, the sender and the texts match up. like “shwayze died” and “i know what you did today”. what is this?


okay i just got more texts.

—from: would

u lik to know who i am??r

—from: missy

u would likey to kno

are they sending it from their computer or something? im so confusedd

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  • If there is no name on the messages or number,then yes the person is sending messages from a computer. There are web sites to which you can send text messages to people that don’t have it set up to where you need to enter a call back number.

  • well you asked who it is right? if they don’t tell you then you could always try calling them or call up your cell phone company and talk to them about getting the number blocked if it becomes a problem.

  • I would call your company ASAP!! Just show them and tell them you are being harassed they could help you out.

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