Why questions about now that Obama has fixed it?

Obama passed a law today to ban …..the year will pass directly to so that wont ever start…..isnt government smart? Oh, and not a penny will be added to the taxpayer debt.

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  • Excellent. I knew he had a good law somewhere waiting to be enforced..

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    MUN question on Afghanistan?

    Answers Favorite Answerthey have no foreign policy. their policy is to just go fireignAfghanistan is run by a Banana Government sheltered by US and its ally. the Govt is confine to a Top security zone and rest of the country is under the control of Talibans who gets aids from Pakistan's ISI.There is no foreign policy and soon when US forces will withdraw the country will completely under control of Talibans.and Indian decision to spent millions in Afghanistan to please Muslim world will be defeated.

    Will book publishing experience help me break into magazine publishing?

    So, what I'm really excited doing is magazine publishing, but on a lower level, I'm also fairly open to book publishing too. I've recently been offered a book publishing internship which I've taken. It seems interesting so far, but if I apply to magazine jobs after this, will BOOK publishing experience seem translatable or relevant enough as books differ widely from magazines?1 Answer? Favorite AnswerAny publishing experience will help you break into magazine publishing.

    Will the ware began in baghdad soon?

    ✅ Answers ? Best Answer Yes: Tupperware is going international. I think the real war should be fought over the fact we allow students to graduate who can't spell words like "war" and articulate a clear sentence. It's bad enough to give a diploma to illiterates, but to give them jobs too is a serious crime.

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    Would you ever boycott all products from huge corporations? Buy ONLY generic, smaller brands?

    Everything is fine and dandy while we're still young and/ or healthy enough to keep working or keep our business. But what happens later? In the city where I live some tenants are being given 24 hour notice by police/firemen after the slumlord has violated every city code and NOT paid water or electricity, but the whole time has been pocketing the huge amounts of rent money.I can ONLY imagine many will find themselves on the street when the "big" corporations come in and buy the bldg. for peanuts directly from the city or on the steps of the court if it's in foreclosure.The article on the link tells the story of a huge insurance company which is acting like feudal lord in Ohio and apparently is in cahoots with the city. Those women would have preferred to stay in that area, even if it was a run down place, but someone else is deciding for them where they should live. It makes me think we complain about abusive big shots like these, but do we stop buying what they sell?Most middle-class think it's a sin to buy generic or store brand. Same goes for any product or service, whether Read more

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