Why questions about now that Obama has fixed it?

Obama passed a law today to ban …..the year will pass directly to so that wont ever start…..isnt government smart? Oh, and not a penny will be added to the taxpayer debt.

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  • Excellent. I knew he had a good law somewhere waiting to be enforced..

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    MUN question on Afghanistan?

    Answers Favorite Answerthey have no foreign policy. their policy is to just go fireignAfghanistan is run by a Banana Government sheltered by US and its ally. the Govt is confine to a Top security zone and rest of the country is under the control of Talibans who gets aids from Pakistan's ISI.There is no foreign policy and soon when US forces will withdraw the country will completely under control of Talibans.and Indian decision to spent millions in Afghanistan to please Muslim world will be defeated.

    Will book publishing experience help me break into magazine publishing?

    So, what I'm really excited doing is magazine publishing, but on a lower level, I'm also fairly open to book publishing too. I've recently been offered a book publishing internship which I've taken. It seems interesting so far, but if I apply to magazine jobs after this, will BOOK publishing experience seem translatable or relevant enough as books differ widely from magazines?1 Answer? Favorite AnswerAny publishing experience will help you break into magazine publishing.

    Will Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s case be aired on Tv?

    ✅ Answers ? Best Answer Well, if this case federal police completely honest or just imaging well we'll see about that in court not sure 🙂 Most likely no. Cameras and video are not permitted in Federal Court, only exception is the Federal Courts own video system which is not used for public viewing. It seems that CNN has been trying the case on a daily basis since the guy was hospitalized. Just like HLN has been trying that Arias girl.

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    Will the Westboro Baptist Church protest the Boston Bombers funeral?

    Or, do they just want the family members of the victims to feel "Gods Hate"?✅ Answers ? Best Answer Thank you for asking the only truly funny question I have read on the subject of The Bombings! To be honest it brings me to ask "Do Westbroro Baptist Church know what it is they want? - Chosen by Asker No because they are hate mongers .They are cowards who hide behind the constitution and the Bible to promote hatred.Where is the public outrage over their inappropriate protesting of issues ? Everyone has a right to an opinion but there is a time and place for everything.They are an embarrassment to decent people.Since they are not held accountable for their discreditable conduct I'm afraid they will to do what they do best.Promote hate. The funerals have already been held. WBC didn't show up. Remember, WBC isn't really a church, it's a group of professional trolls who want to get punched in the face so they can sue. That's their sole purpose for existing. no the boston bomber as far as we know wasnt a homosexual. a muslim yes a gay no. His own parents are not even coming to collect his Read more

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