The cost of a newborn/toddler…?

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I’m weeks pregnant and nearing end of pregnancy. This topic has got me thinking alot lately. By experience, how much is the cost of a newborn/toddler per week? (speaking of there needs) Me and my fiance are living off one income (his) for our bread and butter, until my unborn daughter is old enough to be taken to kindy.

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yes, i’ll be breastfeeding! i just hope i am the lucky ones who can continue doing so..

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  • Since you’re breastfeeding….that saves a lot

    Diapers, wipes. nursing pads, and clothes. Those are going to be your main costs that you will keep incurring. Other stuff is mainly a one time purchase. Those things for me (i have a three month old) cost around a month- about bucks a week. And you can do better than that if you watch your spending and get hand me down clothes. Once solids are introduced your cost will go up- but if you’re breastfeeding there is no nutritional need to introduce solids early (even not neccessary at months- it’s just for practice).

    Also, if you send me a message on here I will give you a referral code for, and you will save $ on your first purchase. And they are the cheapest place for diapers- I’ve done my research and they’re the best. Send me a message for the code.

  • I think the cost depends on a lot of factors. For example if your breastfeeding you will be paying out nothing, whereas bottle feeding you have the cost of milk, bottles and other bits and pieces. Are you going to use a dummy/pacifier? Different nappies can have a huge price difference and using reusable nappies or buying in bulk can save you loads. When your child is onto food making your own or buying jars can make a big difference. Weather you intend to buy everything new or use places like craigslist will make a big difference to the cost of larger things.

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    You need to have a think about what choices you will make and then try and work out how much you need of things to add things up.

  • ALOT lol……….

    per week its hard to say

    per month? -…….. …. lol…. good luck

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