To what extent are recycling industries sustainable?

Im working on my extended essay and I would like to know to what extent are recycling industries (such as the paper industry, lead-acid car battery industries, etc) authentically sustainable. What are your arguments ¨for and against¨? thank you

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  • All of them involve some new materials. Only a certain percentage of the paper can be made from recycled paper and the recycled paper is of degraded quality so it isn’t sustainable as it always needs new mulch. Lead Acid batteries involve grinding down the plates and putting them in new plastic enclosures, some plates can’t be ground down any more and are replaced with new plates and the old plates sent to a metal recycling shop. It still takes new material to recycle batteries so they aren’t sustainable.

    What recycling does is stretch out the material, they aren’t truly sustainable but they make the industry more sustainable or rather less un-sustainable.
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  • They are sustainable because without them, the stuff would pollute the environment and ruin the ecosystems. like sea animals will die trying to eat plastic stuff. people can cut their feet on sharp cans and etc etc, and the chemical leached in batteries and electronics can poison our fish we eat.
    recycling conserves the resources that’d be consumed to make new stuff, by reusing it. for example if we dident recycle paper, all the forest and most of the trees would be gone, and our air would be unhealthy to breathe and possibly even toxic because of all the gasses released like carbon dioxide, and dangerous others, which are not dangerous in low levels, but poisonous in high.
    Recycling is MUCH more sustainable then Extracting, and Processing, New NonRenewable resources for disposable, (usually one-time-use) materials.
    So recycle.

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  • I think that there will always be recycling, but we will recycle different things. For example, right now we are still using a lot of paper. As more and more people read e-books, read newspapers online, and send more email and very little paper mail, there will be less paper recycled. On the other hand, there will be a greater need for recycling of e-waste.

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