U.S–China Relationship? Opinion question?


Can you tell me your opinion of the agreements made by Barack Obama and the president of China. Thanks.

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  • China needs the USA to get rid of its junk, the USA needs China to supply Walmart. Whats there to discuss?

    China has the USA by the balls and the USA does, what China wants, as long as it looks the other way around for the lemmings in the USA.

  • We are their bond slave, and they are so disappointed in teh money printing craze here they are going to issue their own treasuries based on the yuan, and have quit investing in US dollars/treasuries. All these trips to the Middle East, even when bowing to their dictators, has yielded no further US debt sales either. When you can’t pay in cash, you have to pay in goods or services, that is our relationship with China now, they just havn’t made public how they intend to collect what we owe yet. Maybe the state of Hawaii and all Pacific US territories? Russia has made it clear they have dibs on Alaska.

  • All it means is we will continue to be dependent on China as they are also dependent on us. They buy our treasury bonds giving us short term cash so we can keep buying from them. This is what keeps their economy growing. I think it is a dangerous policy to be this connected to another country.

  • politics and internation agreements are worth less than a usa presidents claims of killing osama

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    Source(s): the nazi/britain contract, the usa invading iraq against UN wishes et cetera et cetera

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