Visual basic!! Comboboxes HELP! Please :o x?

I want to make a programme with a combo box so that when you click an item in the box, it brings up something in a list box.

Basically, there are different recipes with lists of ingredients, how would I make the recipe name in the combobox display the ingredients in the list box when clicked??

Any help or code will do, I really don’t mind, I’m so confused… is this even possible in vb?

Thanks 🙂 xx

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  • Hello Jasmine!

    Nice Question You Asked.

    Basically the combo box can be created in vb.It Contains three types .Namely,Drop Down Combo ,Normal Box(text box) and Normal Combo Box.Here each has different meaning.But as per your request i would like to concerntrate in creating a combo box whic displays items as list.

    The Basic syntax is ;

    combobox.additem.(“item name”)

    or you can use by manual method.

    Create a combo box in a form and select a property

    drop down combo box ,then click this and start enter the coding like :

    combo.additem.(item name)

    Similarlly for adding multiple items..

  • The one approach to shop what you entered into the combobox is to have a text file that stores the entries and then you load the textfile and add it the combobox and while you enter a brand new entry it writes it to the textual content file.

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