VMware Fusion , windows /Mac side by side.?

I’m thinking about investing in VMware F, and I’ve got windows , but I want to start transfering over to Mac OS. I know that VMw runs windows and mac side by side, but my question is this: Does VMwF come with a fully operable version of a Mac OS? Because I have a brand new hard drive, brand new disc of Windows , and I’m going to install that. So after I install , could I install VMwF and have a Mac OS that also boots up without any previous Mac OS on my hard drive?

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  • VMWare fusion does not run WIndows and Mac side by side. What VMware does is create programs that simulate computers inside your already available computer. Fusion is a Mac program that lets you install *any* operating system to run *within* OS X. It doesn’t really run them side-by-side, it runs one on top of the other. There’s also VMWare Workstation, which does the same thing for running other operating systems from inside Windows or Linux (the same as Microsoft’s Virtual PC and Sun Microsystem’s VirtualBox)

    VMWare doesn’t come with any operating system- it’s up to you to get it (legally) regardless of whether you want to virtualize any version of Windows, Linux, Unix, or other operating system. However, Apple’s End User License Agreement forbids you from installing OS X on any non-Apple hardware, including virtual machines.

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