Was there any fighting in Europe during the American Revolution?

Since the French allied with the Americans.

I read that there was some fighting in the Carribbean, so I was wondering how far the conflict really spread? I know there were no major battles but was there any European conflict of some sort?

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  • There was fighting going on on land and sea virtually all over the world ! Throughout the th Century, Britain was involved in almost continal war with France, and when trouble arose in the ” Colonies”, France seized the opportunity for revenge for the recent loss of Canada. Without French military and financial aid, and very temporary French control of the sea off the American coast, (the French Fleet in Chesapeake Bay which brought about the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown was destroyed by Rodney soon after – but too late) it is unlikely that American indepndence would have been won – then. Within Britain, many felt that the American Colonies were an expensive liability, and, since it was impossible for them to send representatives to the English Parliament, some sort of self-government would be a good thing.

    Britain was literally fighting against the rest of Europe, also, in India, and on the seas, especially in the West Indies, and so the mlitary and naval resources of a small country were stretched beyond the limit.

    Somewhat ironically, the French troops returning from America brought back with them the ideas which led to the French Revolution, and the overthrow of the Government which had sent them there !

    And even more ironically, General Lafayette, without whom the Revolution COULDN’T have succeeded, said later that – “I would never have drawn my sword in the cause of America if I could have conceived that thereby I was founding a land of slavery.”

  • Britain was fighting the French, and the French were the Allies of the breakaway Colonies of America.

  • confident, France fought alongside the supporters of the independence. between the main charismatic French fighter grow to be Marquis de Lafayette. He grow to be on the fringe of Washington and grow to be an wonderful help for the time of the conflict of Yorktown. you will detect a competent biography of Lafayette in this internet site. Cheers.

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