What are exciting word to use in an essay?

I am doing an English GCSE in three weeks and one part of it is to write a personal essay
I can get 10-12/16 in the language devices and sentence structure part but I can only get 2/8-4/8 in the vocabulary section.
Is there any general words that can be changed into something more sophisticated to write

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  • Condescending (patronizing)
    1.abate: reduce or lesson
    2.abdicate: give up a position
    3.aberration: something unusual, different from the norm
    4.abhor: to really hate
    5.abstain: to refrain from doing something
    6.adversity: hardship, misfortune
    7.aesthetic: pertaining to beauty
    8.amicable: agreeable
    9.anachronistic: out of the context of time, out of date
    10.arid: very dry
    11.asylum: sanctuary, place of safety
    12.benevolent: friendly, helpful
    13.bias: a prejudice towards something or against something
    14.boisterous: enthusiastic, loud
    15.brazen: bold
    16.brusque: short, rude
    17.camaraderie: togetherness, trust, group dynamic of trust
    18.canny: careful
    19.capacious: very large, spacious
    20.capitulate: surrender
    21.clairvoyant: can predict the future
    22.collaborate: work together
    23.compassion: sympathy
    24.compromise: meeting in the middle, settling differences
    25.condescending: patronizing
    26.conditional: contingent upon something else, contingent upon
    27.conformist: someone who follows the majority
    28.convergence: coming together
    29.deleterious: harmful
    30.demagogue: rabble-rousing leader
    31.digression: straying from main point
    32.diligent: hard-working, dedicated
    33.discredit: dishonor someone, prove something untrue
    34.disdain: to regard with scorn
    35.divergent: moving apart, going in different directions
    36.empathy: feeling someone else’s feeling
    37.emulate: following someone else’s example
    38.enervating: tiring
    39.ephemeral: fleeting, temporary
    40.evanescent: not lasting long
    41.exemplary: outstanding
    42.extenuating: something that makes the situation not as bad
    43.florid: ornate
    44.forbearance: patience, restraint
    45.fortitude: strength
    46.fortuitous: lucky
    47.foster: promote, aid
    48.fraught: filled with
    49.frugal: thrifty
    50.hackneyed: clichéd
    51.haughty: being arrogant, talking down to people
    52.hedonist: person who acts in pursuit of pleasure
    53.hypothesis: unproven theory, educated guess
    54.impetuous: rash, impulsive
    55.impute: to assign or attribute to someone
    56.inconsequential: without consequence, trivial, doesn’t matter
    57.inevitable: unavoidable, definitely going to happen
    58.intrepid: fearless
    59.intuitive: knowing something by instinct
    60.jubilation: extreme happiness, joy
    61.lobbyist: person who takes one side or the other, and persuades government officials
    62.longevity: long (particularly long life)
    63.mundane: boring, ordinary
    64.nonchalant: casual, calm, at ease
    65.opulent: wealthy
    66.orator: speaker
    67.ostentatious: flaunting wealth
    68.parched: freed from water, dried up
    69.perfidious: disloyal
    70.pragmatic: practical
    71.precocious: gifted/talented beyond one’s years
    72.pretentious: being self important, thinking you are better than others
    73.procrastinate: to delay, often unnecessarily
    74.prosaic: ordinary
    75.prosperity: wealth
    76.provocative: causes a fuss, inflammatory, likely to get people riled up
    77.prudent: careful, wise
    78.querulous: irritable, prone to argument
    79.rancorous: hateful, unpleasant
    80.reclusive: hermit, withdrawn
    81.reconciliation: coming back together after a disagreement
    82.renovation: being new, being redone
    83.restrained: controlled, not free
    84.reverence: deep respect
    85.sagacity: wisdom
    86.scrutinize: to look at carefully
    87.spontaneous: being impulsive, acting without thinking
    88.spurious: false, untrue
    89.submissive: mild, meek
    90.substantiate: to confirm, prove
    91.subtle: shy, small, not showy
    92.superficial: shallow
    93.superfluous: unnecessary, too much
    94.surreptitious: secret
    95.tactful: polite
    96.tenacious: persistent stubborn
    97.transient: temporary, impermanent
    98.venerable: respectable because of its age
    99.vindicate: to free from blame
    100.wary: careful, watchful
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  • Euphemisms for genitalia or for dirty acts involving genitalia. Very sophisticated. Also, KERPOW! BLAM! And maybe throw in a “SH*T SNAP SON!”

  • Happy, Exciting, Sudden, sad and emotion.

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