What are some good book to read?

Im and I go to the library and read a lot. I’ve read many books like, the twilight saga, the hunger games, and many more along those types. But i’m not sure what to read now 🙂 Thanks if you answer.

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  • Ender’s game, it’s not the same as twilight or the hunger games, but it’s definitely a must read for all ages.

    Source(s): and, honestly, definitely much better than the both of them

  • Catch great book a paradox was based off the book and the author, slaughter house is a classsic too time travel and world war . the unlitmate hitchhikers guide to the galaxy great series, fight club is fuckng awesome no joke ull want to read it. after youve read those and if they werent too hard go for a book called a clockwork orange. the author actual made up his own dialect of the english language which u slowly statrt to understadn the more u read the book. there so many books out there my friend/ the road, lord of the flies, though the looking glass, and The dexter series is great too you should heck that otu it starts with dreaming darkly dexter.

  • THE DELIRIUM SIERIES ( delirium, pandemonium). By Lauren Oliver. This is one of my favs, up there with the hunger games! I actually just got done reading pandemonium. They are about a futuristic society who thinks love is a disease. Lena, the main character rebels… And falls in love. I highly suggest these!! Pandemonium is really good, probably better than delirium, which is the first one.

    Just a suggestion!

  • Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth! You won’t regret reading them!

  • OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THE DEMONATA SERIES BY DARREN SHAN! it is the best series i have ever read. if you don’t mind gory books then this is your series. Full of action, adverture, and an awesome plot line. the first book is Lord Loss…….MUST READ SERIES.

    Source(s): I have re-read that series x and i read a lot and spend a lot of my summer at the library

  • Try ‘Warriors’ by Erin Hunter.

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