What are some good books about teen drama that are not just for girls?

books that include cheating, drugs, pregnancy, etc.

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  • I’m always into these kind of books and you have to look them up really good to find them. Anywho i have a list of some really good recommendations.

    Bottled Up by Jaye Murray- kid is a pothead has to go to counseling and his father beats him

    By Ellen Hopkins

    Crank- a girl lives with her father and gets addicted to drugs

    Glass- The second book to Crank (Cant tell much it will give away Crank)

    Impulse- points of view of from guys and one girl and they have all committed suicide at one point of their lives but they have a back story

    Go Ask Alice by anonymous- Girl starts experimenting with drugs and totally gets out of control

    Candy by Luke Davies- Boy meets girl falls in love but the girl and boy start using drugs and its the only thing that they connect by

    Annie’s Baby by anonymous- Girl has a crazy boyfriend and then she ends up pregnant

    A Million Little Pieces by James Frey- Real Story of a guy who goes through rehab and flashbacks on the drugs he did or might end up doing again (very detailed)

    Those are all the good books i can think of i hope you like them! l

  • Roses in the Rain by Magic its a great book deals with a guy and a girl who are best friends…really great read but u have to buy the new edition…the original is not available anymore and the new edition doesn’t come out until Sept – this is the exact book u are looking for

  • No book is ‘just for girls’ they may have pink on the cover but it doesnt change the story, and most teen drama books that contain those subjects are aimed at girls.

    So either just buy a book, doesnt matter if it has pink on it or squiggly font on the cover.

  • I think most teen drama are aimed at girls, but you may enjoy them anyway, and keep in mind that not all ‘girl’s books’ are super-girly. Just do some searching on Amazon until you come across something you like. A few I may suggest to you: Slam by Nick Hornby, So B. It by by Sarah Weeks, and Trigger by Susan Vaught. I left you some links so you can read about them. Hope some of these help. Take care! 🙂




  • Go Ask Alice..

    it is in the perspective of a Girl.. but its about sex, drugs, and rough life in a “realistic” way.

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