What are the most important Web development languages to learn?

I’ve already learned to use HTML and CSS and I’m working on getting my head around PHP and Javascript.

Are there any others I realistically am going to need to know, or will those be able to keep me covered!

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  • “I’ve already learned to use HTML and CSS and I’m working on getting my head around PHP and Javascript.”

    Those pretty much cover most basic use-cases. For client side HTML/CSS/JavaScript is basically it. For server side PHP is a must but anything else is a bonus (e.g. c++).

  • Obviously the biggest is HTML, so, depending on what type of web dev you plan on making, HTML will surely be in it. The next two important ones are Javascript and CSS, then PHP, than maybe you’d want to know basic C and C++. If you’re planning on implementing certain unique types of code, then you’d want to learn a bit of Python.

    If I were you, I’d only focus on the four you listed, they’d get you pretty far! Hope I helped!

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  • Client side there is not much more than HTML for content, CSS for format and JavaScript for behaviour.

    Server side in addition to PHP for server side behaviour you probably should take a look at SQL to understand how data is stored and retrieved.

    In addition its always useful to see a different approach to constructing systems. PHP is embedded inside HTML and pushes out data. It would be worth looking at C# and how its used with ASP.NET, instead of having code inside HTML that is pushed out, HTML in ASP.NET pulls data things exposed by the C#.

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    Additionally, or perhaps instead of C#, you could look at Java, which tends to be used in the PHP model of pushing data into HTML.

  • Web development includes client and server, client development need knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

    Server development has some language to choose, such as php, asp.net, java.

    php is simple script language, it has a lot of open sources to study.

    wordpress system is large blog system, it includes much design method,

    you can refer to it.

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