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hmmm im reeeally into love stories about the whole like going to war type of thing…idk if anyone else likes it too but i LOVE IT! ok um examples would be like schindlers list or even katy perrys thinking of you music video…its just so interesting to me and it makes a great story…so your in love with a guy and you basicaly love each other to death when hes called out to war…:O anyways another thing..i wanna write a book…about friendship and my life…A LIFE STORY well i think im doing good so far i will post some of it later and you can tell me what you think


i know war isnt romantic…im talking about romance itself and the drama of it all the person you love going to war is not a good thing..i know that…its about their love for each other and how much they want to be together…the war just makes the relationship more dramtic and interesting…i never said war itself was romantic but your opinion was actually helpful so thanks :]

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  • War is not as romantic as you may think. The stories don’t always have a happy ending.

    People come home different than when they went away. Forever different. Sometimes they come home with missing limbs, brain damage or mental illness – if they come home alive.

    The author of Schindler’s List made a lot of money and sold a lot of books. How much is real and how much is fantasy? It’s fiction. It’s a great story, but it’s just that.

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  • omg you took my idea!! only it was holocaust war romance between two teens…how do you know this? youre doiin well girl…would you like to here mines?

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