Does a fatty liver swell? Does it affect your stomach?

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  • The fat inside the liver can cause damage to

    the liver cells. It can push the nucleus of

    the cells out of place. The liver is surrounded

    by a membrane capsule. It the fat does

    damage the cells, the immune system

    of the body will respond to this and

    cause inflammation to develop inside the

    liver, also, this can cause even more

    pressure and the liver can enlarge in size.

    Depending on the cause of the fatty liver…

    in certain cases where it may be caused

    by weight or alcohol…losing weight and

    not drinking alcohol may help the fat

    leave the liver and reverse the problem.

    However, other causes, like diabetes would

    be harder to control.

    The enlargement of the liver doesn’t

    have a direct effect on the stomach. But

    having this disease can cause some to

    feel bloated and uncomfortable and

    some can become nauseated. Each

    person is different.

    If the liver does enlarge and it is not

    caused by alcohol, then it is known as

    NASH: Non alcoholic steatohepatitis.

    Steato means fat, Hepat means liver

    and itis means inflammation.

    Here are a few links about fatty liver disease

    that will give you more information:you can

    click on them:…

    Hope this information has helped you

    Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient

  • A fatty liver can cause it to become enlarged.

    Source(s): Liver Transplant Survivor

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